Roudenbush Westford Directory

The 21st edition of  the Westford Directory was produced entirely by the following volunteers.

Donna Deschenes 

Associate Editor
Ellen Harde

Blue Pages Editor
Pat Petisce


Artisans’ Directory Executive Managing Editor in Chief
Pat Petisce

Ad Layout Editor Par Excellence
Tracy LeBlanc

Computer Technical Support
Mike Harde


Transition to the Web and the Westford Directory App
Tony Janeczek


Miraculous Helpers
Barbara Chu, Barbara Landino, Diane Landry, Zoe Laird, Pat Petisce, Frayda Viera, Cindy Bernstein

Cover Artist
Evan Deschenes

Every two years since 1976, volunteers have created the Westford Directory. The Westford businesses who pay to advertise allow us to print the Westford Directory. Since 1976, over $450,000 has been raised for Roudenbush Community Center, the Parish Center for the Arts, the Common Restoration Project and the Westford Charitable Foundation.


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